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Belief in God and the Problem of Evil and Suffering: Barry Whitney Publications

The Theodicy section of this website provides new essays and information about Dr Whitney's publications on theodicy, including various downloadable chapters and essays and reviews, old and new. It also provides resources from other scholars who have articles and essays on theodicy available on their sites. For bibliographical details on these items and for journal articles, see the publication pages on this website.

A sampling of Books on the Problem of Evil authored by (or with contributions from) Barry Whitney: Theodicy: An Annotated Bibiography; "Hartshorne's Theodicy" in Hartshorne, Process Philosophy and Theology; Evil and the Process God; "Atheism and Theodicy," in God, Literature, and Process Thought; What are They Saying About God and Evil?; and the "Evil" and "Theodicy" entries in the New Catholic Encyclopedia., etc.

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Books and Book Chapters on Theodicy: God, Evil and Suffering

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Books and Book Chapters on Apologetics: Justifying Religious Beliefs


Edited Journals: Process Studies (28 issues)