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Courses, Speaking Engagements, Consultations, Presentations, Workshops, etc.

Activity has been limited while Dr. Whitney has been away from the University of Windsor on an extended leave. He retired from the University on June 30, 2013 and became Professor Emeritus of Christian Studies. He has lived in Ottawa since November, 2009 and is available for limited engagements, presentations, workshops, and teaching, etc.

January-April: University of Windsor Course on God and Evil (07-323): enrolment limit, 135 students
January-April: University of Windsor Course on God and Atheism (07-322): enrolment limit, 135 students
January 28-31: CLAREMONT, California, Center for Process Studies: Chair, Process Studies editorial meetings and Recipient of an Award of Recognition in Honor of 12 years as Editor of the international journal, Process Studies
March 29:
Presentation and Discussion, "God's Existence", University of Windsor Coptic Christian Club
April 6-9: CHICAGO, Annual Conference of the Association for Core Texts and Courses: Paper, "Ecclesiastes: An Evaluation of Life's Meaningfulness" in the "God, Authority and Meaning" Session; and Chair of the "Consolation, Grace, Reconciliation, and Redemption" Session
April 26: "Jesus and Contemporary Secular Culture," St George's Anglo-Catholic Church Revival Mission Presentation, Windsor
May 28, June 4, 11, and 18: Four Weekly Presentations on Apologetics at New Song Church, Windsor
June 23-29: REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND: Theological Consultations in Reykjavíik, a Theological Conference at HÓLAR, ICELAND, and an Invited Participant on a Christian Spiritual Pilgrimage to Snæfellsjökull (Western Iceland)
June 30-July 7: SALZBURG, AUSTRIA: Sixth International Whitehead Conference, Recipient of an Award of Recognition in Honour of his 12 years as Editor of the international scholarly journal, Process Studies, and Chair of the Process Studies' journal meetings with the Advisory Board
September-December: University of Windsor Course on Religion and Culture (07-100): enrolment limit, 140 students
September-December: University of Windsor Course on Justifying Religious Beliefs (07-221): enrolment limit, 140 students

Professor Whitney has been available for a limited number of consultations, conferences and other speaking engagements and teaching in churches and academic groups, offering sound biblical and theological teaching on Christian Studies -- especially, the defense of Christianity against various common criticisms -- with special expertise on God and Suffering. This web site will include publicly accessible manuals from his University courses as well as many more podcasts and various articles and commentaries for downloading.

While teaching has always been Dr Whitney's priority, he has published a dozen Books and Book Chapters, and since 1996 has edited 28 issues of the international academic journal, Process Studies. He has also published 130 Academic Articles and Reviews and 330 more popular and scholarly articles and abstracts in academic journals. He has been active in giving papers, seminars, workshops and public lectures. Some recent examples include the following:
In 2002, he was invited by the Lutheran Bishop of Iceland to present a paper on the Religious Implications of New Age and Postmodernism to the Icelandic clergy in Reykjavik, Iceland.
In 2003, he was invited to debate the New Age guru Deepak Chopra on Canada's Vision TV. He also debated the controversial Bishop Joseph Sprague on Vision TV, and gave an interview on Spirituality for the cover story of Time magazine, Canada.
In 2004, he taught a graduate course on Process Theodicy with John Cobb at The Claremont School of Theology in California.
In 2005, he presented a paper on The Book of Job at a Core Texts and Courses Conference in Vancouver, Canada.
In 2006, he was back in California for Process Studies editorial meetings and then traveled again to Iceland for various theological activities, followed by an international conference on Alfred North Whitehead in Salzburg, Austria. He also presented a paper on The Book of Ecclesiastes at a Core Texts and Courses Conference in Chicago, and organized a Mission for St George's Anglo Catholic Church in Windsor, Ontario. He presented a public lecture on "The Real Jesus" at this Mission, and then gave talks on Apologetics at the New Song Mission Church in Windsor.
Over the years, he has given many interviews on the Problem of Evil for CBC television, radio and for print media, the latter including The New York Times, The Washington Times, Newsday: Long Island, The Chicago Tribune, The Ottawa Citizen, etc.

Dr Whitney can be reached by email at <DrBarryWhitney@mac.com>