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Selected writings by Dr Barry Whitney on Theodicy (The Problem of Evil) and other Studies in Christian Theology, Philosophy of Religion, and Apologetics (Justifying Religious Beliefs)

Some of these essays below are revised versions of book chapters and articles published previously in academic journals. But the others are new essays, discussions and reviews published here for the first time and intended for a more general audience. More of both will be entered here in the months and years ahead.

The academic articles below focus largely on "theodicy" (the problem of reconciing God and Suffering") and studies in Process Theology's understanding of God and God's interaction with His creation. There are also articles which dialogue with more traditional forms of Christian theology, Dr Whitney is not a member of any particular school or movement, but seeks to defend traditional Christianity, using both traditional theologians and aspects of process theology that can inform and be reconciled with traditional theology.

As such, the new essays and discussions entered below focus not only on "theodicy" but on other major issues in defense of Christian theology and doctrine. These issues include challenges to traditional Christianity from within and without. From without: atheism, new age, new thought, scientism, cults, etc.); from within: a host of Christian deviations from Gnosticism to Word Faith and its Prosperity Gospel, Christianized New Thought, Christianized New Age, cults, and etc.).

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THEODiCY: The Problem of Reconciing Belief in God with Evil and Suffering

God and Evil (Paulist Press, 1989), ch 1, Introduction (2004)

God and Evil (Paulist Press, 1989), ch 7, Philosophical Theodicies (2004)

God and Evil (Paulist Press, 1989), ch 8, Theological Theodicies

God and Evil (Paulist Press, 1989), ch 9, Jewish Responses to the Holocaust (2005)

"Anti-Theodicy: Is Theodicy Itself Evil?": A Defense of Theodicy (2005)

"The Continuing Relevance of The Book of Job" (2005)

"The Meaningfulness of Life: Ecclesiastes and Contemporary Culture" (2006)

"Process Theodicy: A Discussion" (2008)

"The Problem of Evll: An Overview of Some Major Issues" (2011)

The Problem of Evil: Aesthetic Considerations" (2012)


"Belief in God" (2014)


"God, Possibilities, and Human Freedom" (2006)

"Divine Immutability: The Catholic-Process Dialogue" (2007)

"Anthropic Cosmology and Divine Persuasive Power"

"Atheism and God's Power" (

Dr Whitney's YouTube channel is "THINKING ABOUT GOD with Dr. Barry Whitney" has a series about GOD AND EVIL and other series from his university lectures (edited for a wider audience)


Besides composing music for his podcasts, Dr Whitney has composed several meditative works, focused on the psalms and other biblical motifs.