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Dr Barry Whitney: Process Studies' Editor's Page for 1996-2009
This page lists the 28 issues edited by Dr. Whitney: Volumes 23.3 (1994) to 38.1 (2009)

Published by The Center for Process Studies
Affiliated with The Claremont School of Theology and The Claremont Graduate School
1325 N. College Avenue, Claremont California 91711-3154
Center for Process Studies' PROCESS STUDIES page: most of the articles from volumes 1-30 (1971-2001) are downloadble here, gratis. All of the articles from PROCESS STUDIES SUPPLEMENTS are downloadable gratis on the PSS webpage

PROCESS STUDIES is a scholarly peer-reviewed, refereed journal, the leading international journal in its field. It is dedicated to the study of the thought and wide-ranging implications of ALFRED NORTH WHITEHEAD (1861-1947) and his intellectual associates, most notably CHARLES E. HARTSHORNE (1897-2000), and others like WILLIAM JAMES (1842-1910), CHARLES SANDERS PEIRCE (1839-1914) and HENRI BERGSON (1859-1941). The mandate of PROCESS STUDIES, in sum, is to explore Whiteheadian-Hartshornean process thought at an advanced level and as it appears in related philosophies and theologies (as noted above), applying the Whiteheadian-Hartshornean conceptuality to a wide range of other fields: Aesthetics, Biology, Cosmology, Economics, Education Theory, Ethics, History of Religions, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Political Thought, Psychology, Physics and other Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Christian Theology, Eastern Religions, and etc. Articles and Special focus sections have been published in all of these areas.

EDITOR (2009--) Daniel A. Dombrowski (Seattle University)
FORUM EDITOR: David Ray Griffin (Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Gradudate U)
REVIEW EDITOR (Philosophy): PeirFrancesco Basile (University of Bern, Switzerland)
REVIEW EDITOR (Theology): Duane Voskuil (Emeritus, University of North Datoka)
REVIEW EDITOR (International Languages), Adam Scarfe (California State University, Bakersfield)
ABSTRACTS EDITOR: Steve Hulbert (Claremont Graduate University)
MANAGING EDITOR: Jeanyne Slettom (Center for Process Studies)
BUSINESS MANAGER: John H. Sweeney (Center for Process Studies)
CPS FOUNDING DIRECTOR: John B. Cobb, Jr. (Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology/Claremont Grad. U)
FORMER EDITOR (1995-2009): Barry L. Whitney (University of Windsor, Canada)
FOUNDING EDITOR (1971-1995): Lewis S. Ford (Emeritus, Old Dominion University)


Process Studies Supplements (PSS) is a refereed on-line publication for monographs (and long articles) These are available on the CPS web page, with hard copies available at cost. Submissions should be sent to the Editor, Dr. Daniel Dombrowski (Seattle University): ddombrow@seattleu.edu. Submissions are not restricted in length but should follow Process Studies' MLA formatting style.

Center of Process Studies Co-Directors
Philip Clayton
John B. Cobb, Jr.
Roland Faber
David Ray Griffin
Marjorie Suchocki

Center of Process Studies Project Directors
Sangyil Kim (Korea)
Zhine Wang (China)

PROCESS STUDIES International Advisory Board
George Allan, Dickinson College, USA
Joseph A. Bracken, S.J., Xavier University, USA
James Bradley, Memorial University, CANADA
Jean-Marie Breuvart, École d'Educateurs, FRANCE
Mark Dibben. Monash University, AUSTRALIA
Timothy E. Eastman, Plasmas International , Washington, DC, USA
Peter Farleigh, Macquarie University, AUSTRALIA
Ouyang Kang, Huazhong University, CHINA
Kurian Kachappilly, Dharmaram College, INDIA
Gabor Karsai, The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, HUNGARY
Catherine Keller, Drew University Theological School, USA
John Lango, Hunter College, USA
Ervin Laszlo, United Nations, Rome, ITALY
Robert Mesle, Graceland University, USA
Mary Elizabeth Moore, Emory University, USA
Robert C. Neville, Boston University, USA
Jorge Luis Nobo, Washburn University, USA
Bogdan Ogrondick, University of Silesia, POLAND
Young-Hwan Oh, Yonsei University, SOUTH KOREA
David Pailin, University of Manchester, ENGLAND
Nicholas Rescher, University of of Pittsburgh, USA
Franz Riffert, University of Salzburg, AUSTRIA
George W. Shields, Kentucky State University, USA
Isabelle Stengers, University Libre de Bruxel, BELGIUM
Jan van der Veken, University of Leuven, BELGIUM
Donald Wayne Viney, Pitsburg State University, USA
Theodore Walker, Southern Methodist University, USA
Reiner Wiehl, University of Heidelberg, GERMANY
Seisaku Yamamoto, Kyoto University, JAPAN
Yihsien Yu, Tunghai University, TAIWAN

PROCESS STUDIES International Book Review Coordinators
Bulgarian Language: Vesselin Petrov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BULGARIA
Chinese Language: Jialin Zhou, Zhaoquing University, CHINA
Dutch/Flemish Language: Palymre Oomen, Radboud University Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS
French Language: Ronny Desmet, University of Brussels, BELGIUM
German Language: Helmut Maassen, Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald, GERMANY
Hungarian Languager: Mihaly Toth, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, HUNGARY
Italian Language: Barbara Muraca, Ernst Morirtz Arndt University of Greifswald, GERMANY
Japanese Languge: Yutaka Tanaka, Sophia University, JAPAN
Korean Language: Wang Shik Jang,  Methodist Theological Seminary, SOUTH KOREA
Polish Langugae:: Miroslaw Patalon, University of Gdansk, POLAND
Spanish Language: Gorgias Romero, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, CHILE

International Process Network
Robert Regnier, Executive Director
Judith Jones, Administative Director
Mark Dibbon, Executive Director-elect
Peter Farleigh, Communications Director
Adam Scarfe, Secretary
John Sweeney, Treasurer
Herman Greene, Founding Executive Director

Whitehead Research Project
Roland Faber, Executive Director

PROCESS STUDIES: Volumes 1-30 (1971-2001): Most (over 400) of the articles published in the journal are available gratis online at the Center for Process Studies website and on Religion Online

PROCESS STUDIES Tables of Content: Volumes 23-38 (1994-2009)

PS 38.1 (2009): published in July 2009
Editor: Barry L. Whitney

Lewis S. Ford, "Temporal and Non-Temporal Becoming"
Rem Edward. "People and their Worth: Uniting Process and Axiology"
Edwin Towne, "Toward More Clarity in Whitehead's Metaphysics: A Proposal"
Dan Dombrowski, "Neoclassical Theism and Spiritual Exercises"
Joseph Bracken, S.J., "The Objective Reality of the Past: Some Further Reflections"
John B. Cobb, Jr,. "Landing the Plane in the World of Finance"


PS 37.2 (2008): published in February 2009
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS SECTION (edited by
Keith Robinson): Isabelle Stengers and Whitehead
Keith Robinson, Focus Introduction
Isabella Pailin, "On Whitehead's Recurrent Themes and Consistent Style"
Steve Meyer, "Systematizing Emerson, Supplementing Whitehead: Reading Whitehead with Stengers"
Didier Debaise, "The Living and its Environments: Stengers Reading Whitehead"
Andrew Goffey, "Reclaiming Experience: Thinking with Whitehead ... "
Isabelle Stengers, "Responses: The Answer of a Happy Elephant"
Ronny Desmet, "How Did Whitehead Become Einstein's Antagonist?"
Sam Mickey, "Cosmological Postmodernism in Whitehead, Deleuze and Derrida"
Duston Moore, "Marcuse and Eternal Objects"
Lewis S. Ford, "Non-Rigid Forms: Retractions and Revisions"

PS 37.1 (2008): published in July 2008
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS SECTION (edited by John Culp): Process and Evangelical Theologies
John Culp, "Is Mutual Transformation Possible?"
Donna Bowman, "Authority and Openness"
John Culp, "Another Participant in the Dicussion"
Samuel Power, "The World's Participation in God's Trinitarian Life"
Philip Clayton, "Open Panentheism and Creatio Ex nihilo"
Robert C. Neville, "Response to David Griffin's Whitehead's Radically Different Postmodern Philosophy"
Andrew C. Blume, "Toward a Whiteheadian Sacramental Ecclesiology"
J.R. Hustwit, "Is Riceour a Process Philosopher?"
Hiheoh Kim, "Minjung Messiah and Process Panentheism"
David Haughen and Bryant Keeling, "Hartshorne's Process Theism and Big Bang Cosmology"

PS 36.2 (2007): published in December 2007
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS SECTION (edited by John B. Cobb, Jr.): Buddhist Responses to Whitehead
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Introduction"
Noritoshi Aramaki, "A Critique of Whitehead in Light of the Two-Truth Doctrine"
Yih-Hsein Yu, "The Categoreal Scheme in Hua-yan Buddhism"
John Shunji Yokota, "Whitehead, Buddhism, and the Reversibility of Time"
Timothy E. Eastman, "Cosmic Agnosticism"
Robert J. Valenza, "Cosmos, Logos, and the Limits of Science"
Sung Jin Song, "Process Theology and Chinul's Buddhist Thought: An Encounter"
Bary R. Sang, "A Nexus of Care: Process Theology and Care Ethics"
Wahida Khandker: "Two Natures: Whitehead on Bergonism, Dualism, and Becoming-Subject"
Lewis S. Ford, "Rigid and Non-Rigid Forms"

PS 36.1 (2007): August 2007
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Joseph Bracken, S.J., "Two Different Models for the God-World Relationship"
Duane Voskuil, "Entanglement, Slits and Buckyballs"
Chris van Haeften, "Number and Deity According to A. N. Whitehead"
James Maynard, "Extending the Field: Robert Duncan and Alfred North Whitehead"
John Lango, "Whitehead's Derivative Notion of Societies"
Matthew Lopresti, "Santana Dharma as a Whitheadian Religious Pluralism?
Jeffrey Long, "Can a Hindu Pan-Inclusivism Also be a Deep Hindu Pluralism?

PS 35.2 (2006): March 2007
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Muray Code, "On Putting Bodies, Minds and Souls back into Nature"
Nicholas Rescher, "Causal Necessitation and Free Will"
Chris van Haeften, "Eternal Objects: The Multiplicity and Structure of their Realm"
Theo Walker, "Classical and Neoclassical Cosmologies"
Lewis S. Ford, "Endurng Subjectivity"
Pierfrancesco Basile, "Rethinking Leibniz: Whitehead, Ward, and the Idealistic Legacy"
Les Muray, "Whitehead and Democracy in East Asia"
Pei Yong, "Why China" The Significance of China to the Postmodern Movement

PS 35.1 (2006): October 2006
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (edited by John B. Cobb. Jr.): Teilhard and Process Thought
John Cobb, Jr., "Teilhard and Whitehead
Dnald W Viney, "Teilhard and Process Theology Redux"
John Haught, "What's Going on in the Universe?"
Jay McDaniel, "Process Thought and the Epic of Evolution Tradition"
Randall Morris, "Whitehead and Legal Realism"
Derek Malone-France, "Process and Deliberation"
Lewis S. Ford, "Whitehead's Creative Transformation: A Summation"

PS 34.2 (2005): March 2006
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (edited by George Allan): Whitehead's Phillosophy and Education
George Allan, "Introduction" to Focus section
Malcolm Evans,"Process, Teaching, Learning"
Robert Regnier, "Cosmological Foundations of Imagination in Learning..."
Mary Elizabeth Moore, "Imagination at the Center: Identity on the Margins"
Pete Gunter, "Whitehead's Struggle against Inert Ideas"
George Allan, "Solomon's Dream and Whitehead's Rhythm of Education"
Tokiyuki Nobuhara, "Reflections of God Who is "With" All Creation..."
Jon Mills,"Toward a Metapysics of Cyberspace"
Constance Wise, "An Alternative to Gender Essentialism Based on Process Thought"

PS 34.1 (2005): June 2005
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Pierfrancesco Basile, "Whitehead's Ontology and Davidson's Anomalous Monism"
Noel Boulting, "Conceptions of Power and God..."
Jason Brown, "Genetic Psychology and Process Philosophy"
Daniel Athearn, "Toward an Ontological Explanation of Light"
Ross Stein, "Enzymes as Ecosystems: A Panexperientialist Account..."
Chris van Haeften, "Abstraction Revisited"
Barbara Muraca, "Welt, Umwelt, Mitwelt..."
Lewis S. Ford, "Whatever Happened to 'Efficient Causation'?"
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Another Response to Clare Palmer,"
Daniel Dombrowski, "Response to Boulting"

PS 33.2 (2004): December 2004
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (edited by Randall Morris): Human Rights in a Process Perspective
Randall C. Morris, "Focus Introduction"
Lois Gehr Livezey, "Human Rights and Gender Justice: Domestic Violence"
Warren Copeland, "Rights and Welfare Reform"
Douglas Sturm, "Taking Human Rights Seriously: Relationship and Subjectivity"
Franklin I. Gamwell, "Response to Douglas Sturm"
Hillel A. Schiller, "Advancing Process Metaphysics"
George Allan, "Ultimate Value"
Joseph Brackern, S.J., "The Field Metaphor in Ervin Laslo's Philosophy and Neo-Whiteheadian Metaphysics"
Pete Y. Gunter, "A Whiteheadian Aesthetic of Nature: Beauty and the Forest"
Robert E. Doud, "Orphism in Whitehead and some Other Poetic Thinkers"

PS 33.1 (2004): June 2004
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FORUM: Clare Palmer's Environmental Ethics and Process Thought
David R. Griffin, "Forum Introduction" (forum editor)
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Palmer on Whithead: A Critical Evaluation"
Timothy Menta, "Clare Palmer's Environmental Ethics and Process Thinking..."
Clare Palmer, "Response to Cobb and Menta"
Lewis S. Ford, "Physical Purpose and the Origination of the Subjective Aim"
Peter Douglas, "Whitehead and the Problem of Compound Individuals"
Noel E. Boulting, "The Reification Problem and Whitehead's Philosophy"
Wang Shik Jang, "A Philosophical Evaluation of Western and Eastern Civilization..."
Pan-Chui Lai, "Process Christology and Christian-Confucian Dialogue in China..."
George Allan, "No More Sea: A note on PR 340"
Anne Fairchild Pomeroy, "Some Reflections on Curtis' Process Via Marx""

PS 32.2 (2003): January 2004
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (ed. John Cobb, Jr. and Mark Dibbon): Process Thought and Organizational Studies
Mark R. Dibbon and John B. Cobb, Jr., "Focus Introduction"
Mark R. Dibbon and Iain Munro, "Applying Process Thought in Organization Studies"
Robert Chia and Haridimos Tsoukas,"Everything Flows and Nothing Abides..."
Martin Wood, "The Process of Organizing Knowledge: Exploring the In-Between"
Mark R. Dibbon and Miki Pantell, "Re-thinking Technology from an Organizational Perspective..."
Lewis S. Ford."On the Origins of Process Theism"
Densi Hurtubsie, "A Response to Breuvart's Review of Relire Whitehead"
Barry Whitney: INDEX of Article Abstracts, Process Studies 1 (1971) - 31 (2002)

PS 32.1 (2003): June 2003
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Olav Bryant Smith and David Ray Griffin, "The Mystery of the Subjectivist Principle"
John W. Lango, "Whitehead's Category of Contrasts"
Rowanne Sayer,"The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful..."
Eric Dickson, "Cassirer, Whitehead, and Bergson: Explaining the Development of the Symbol"
Adam Scarfe, "Negative Prehensions and the Creative Process"
Richard Curtis, "Process Via Marx: Marx's Potential Conrtibution to Whiteheadian Social Theory"
Alan Bellert, "Evolution, Processand the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil"
Barry Whitney, INDEX of Dissertation Abstracts, Process Studies 1 (1971) - 32 (2003)

PS 31.2 (2002): Janurary 2003
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
David Ray Griffin, "Being Bold: Anticipating a Whiteheadian Century"
Robert E. Doud, "A Whiteheadian Interpretation of Baudelaire's Poetry"
Thomas M. Dicken, "Charles Hartshorne on the Conservation of Value"
Brian Hendley, "In Search of the Elusive Whitehead: A Cautionary Tale"
Roland Faber, "Apocalypse in God: On the Power of God in Process Eschatology"
Brian Henning, "On the Possibility of a Whiteheadian Aesthetic of Morals"
Joseph Bracken, S.J., "Continuity Amid Discontinutiy: A Neo-Whiteheadian Understanding of the Self"
Zhine Wang, "What Can Whitehead's Philosophy Contribute to Feminism?"
Robert M. Randolph, "The Novum as Meaning"

PS 31.1 (2002): September 2002
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (edited by George Shlelds): Advanced Technology and Process Thought
George Shields, "Introduction"
Susan Armstrong, "Advanced Technology and Process Philosophy"
Peter Limper, "Process and (Virtual) Reality: Thoughts on Technology and Value"
George Shields, "Process Thought and Recent Philosophy of Technology
Murray Code, "On Whitehead's Almost Comprehensive Naturalism"
Jon Mills, "Whitehead Idealized: A Naturalized Process Metaphysics"
Robert Valenza, "Aesthetic Priority in Science and Religion"
Matthew Drever, "Dorner's Critique of Divine Immutability"
Leemon McHenry, "Whitehead, Quantum Mechanics and Local Realism"
Shimon Malin, "Whitehead's Philosophy and Quantum Physics: A Defense of Nature Loves to Hide"

PS 30.2 (2001): April 2002
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
FOCUS (edited by Donald Wayne Viney and Barry Whitney), Tribute to Charles Hartshorne
Donald Wayne Viney, "Philosophy After Hartshorne"
Charles Hartshorne,"A Psychologists's Philosophy Evaluated After Fifty Years..."
Charles Hartshorne, "God as Composer-Director, Enjoyer, and in a Sence, Player of the Cosmic Drama"
Charles Hartshorne, "Thomas Aquinas and Three Poets Who Do Not Agree with Him"
Charles Hartshorne, "Darwin and Some Philosophers"
Roland Faber, "... Hartshorne's Handwritten Notes on Whitehead's Harvard Lectures, 1925-26..."
Dorothy Hartshorne, revised and updated by Donald Wayne Viney and Randy Ramal, "Charles Hartshorne: Primary Bibliography of Philosophical Writings"
ABSTRACTS: Special Hartshorne issues of The Personalist Forum and The American Journal of Theology and Philosophy

PS 30.1 (2001): November 2001
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
John Lango, "The Time of Whitehead's Conscrescence"
Daniel Dombrowski, "The Replaceability Argument"
Andre Cloots, "The Metaphysical Structure of Whitehead's Creativity"
Robert Valenza and Granville Henry, "Eternal Objects at Sea"
Denis Hurtubise, "One, Two, of Three Concepts of God in Lewis Ford"
Lewis S. Ford, "Why Only Two? Why Not Three?"
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Deep Ecology and Process Thought"
Leeon B. McHenry: INDEX of Articles and Discussions: Process Studies 21 (1992) - Process Studies 29 (2000)

PS 29.2 (2000): July 2001
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Stephen Franklin, "God and Creativity: A Revisionist Proposal within a Whiteheadian Context"
Duane Voskuil, "Disassembling the Mantra: Part/Whole Equivocation in the Category of the Ultimate"
Franklin Gamwell, "The Purpose of Human Rights"
FORUM: Hasker and Griffin on Evil
David Ray Griffin, "Introduction"
William Hasker, "The Problem of Evil in Process Theism and Classical Free Will Theism"
David Ray Griffin, "Traditional Free Will Theodicy and Process Theodicy: Hasker's Claim for Parity"
William Hasker, "'Bitten to Death by Ducks': A Reply to Griffin"
David Ray Griffin, "On Hasker's Defense of his Parity Claim"
Nancy Frankenberry, "The Process Paradigm, Rites of Passage, and Spiritual Quests"
Paul Lewis Cecil, "A Response to Joseph Bracken's 'Prehending God in and through the World'"
Donald Wayne Viney, "What is Wrong with the Mirror Image?"
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Denis Hurtubise on Ford and the 'Traditional' Interpretation"

PS 29.1 (2000): October 2000
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Joseph Bracken,S.J.,"Prehending God in and through the World"
John Lango, "Whitehead's Category of Nexus of Actual Entities
Paul Kuntz, "Whitehead's Category of Harmony..."
Nicholas Rescher, "Trapped Within History: A Process Philosophical Refutation of Historicist Relativism"
Rem Edwards, "How Process Theology Can Affirm Creation Ex Nihilo"
FOCUS (edited by John B. Cobb, Jr.): Process Thought and Psychotherapy
John B. Cobb, Jr., (focus editor), "Process Psychotherapy"
Mary E Moore, "Critiquing Codependence Theory and Reimaging Psychotherapy..."
David R. Roy, "The Clinical Use of Whitehead's Anthropology"
Robert Brisee, "Process Relational Psychotherapy: Creatively Transforming Relationships"
Denis Hurtubise, "Lewis S. Ford and Traditional Interpretations of Whitehead's Metaphysics"

PS 28.3-4 (1999): March 2000
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Duane Voskuil, "Hartshorne, God, and Metaphysics: How the Cosmically Inclusive Personal Nexus and the World Interact"
Tim Clark, "A Whiteheadian Chaosmos? Process Philosophy from a Deleuzean Perspective"
Roland Faber, "On the Unique Origin of Revelation, Religious Intuition, and Theology"
Edgar Towne, "Semantics and Hartshorne's Dipolar Theism"
William Dean, "Historical Process Theology: A Field Map of Thought"
FOCUS (edited by Randall Auxier): Whitehead and Bergson
Randy Auxier, "Bergson and the Calculus of Intuition"
Pete Gunter, "Bergson, Mathematics, and Creativity"
Carl Hausman, "Bergson, Peirce, and Reflective Intuition"
Randy Auxier, "A Dialogue on Bergson"

PS 28.1-2 (1999): July 1999
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Timothy Sprigge, "Whitehead and Santayana"
Anita Chancey,"Rationality, Contributionism, and the Value of Love: Hartshorne on Abortion"
Luis Pedraja, "Whiteheadian Deconstructionism"
Robert Kimball, "Error in Causal Efficacy"
Henry Simoni-Wastila, "Is Divine Relativity Possible?..."
Nicholas Rescher, "On Situating Process Philosophy"
William Hamrick, "A Process View of the Flesh: Whitehead and Merleau-Ponty"
FORUM: Materialist and Panexperientialist Physicalism
David Ray Griffin, (forum editor), "Materialist and Panexperientialist Physicalism"
Jaegwon Kim, "Physicalism and Panexperientialism: Response to David Ray Griffin"
David Ray Griffin, "Reply to Jaegwon Kim"
Duane Voskuil, "Discussion of Palmyre M.F. Oomen's Recent Essays in Process Studies"
Theodore Walker, Jr., "Why Avoid Statements About What God Cannot Do?"

PS 27.3-4 (1998): February 1999
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Randall E. Auxier, "God, Process, and Persons: Charles Hartshorne and Personalism"
Mark V. Davies, "The Pacifism Debate in the Hartshorne—Brightman Correspondence"
Guido VanHeeswicjk,"R.G. Collingwood and A.N. Whitehead on Metaphysics, History, and Cosmology"
FOCUS (edited by Timothy Eastman), Whitehead and the Natural Sciences II
Timothy E. Eastman, "Special Focus Introduction"
Jay Schulkin, "Evolving Sensibilities of our Conception of Nature"
A. Karim Ahmed, "Causality, Chaos, and Consciousness: Steps Toward a Normative Cosmological Principle in an Evolving Universe"
Joseph E. Earley, Sr., "Naturalism, Theism, and the Origin of Life"
Charels Birch, "Processing Towards Life"
Granville Henry and Robert J. Valenza, "The Concept of Mass in Process Theory"
Murray Code, "Explanation and Natural Philosophy; Or, The Rationalization of Mysticism"
Palmyre M. F. Oomen, "Consequences of Prehending God's Consequent Nature in a Different Key"
Lewis S. Ford, "In Partial Response to a Tribute"

PS 27.1-2 (1998): July 1998
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Denis Hurtubise, "The Enigmatic 'Passage of the Consequent Nature to the Temporal World' in Process and Reality"
Palmyre Oomen, "The Prehensibility of God's Consequent Nature" +
Lewis S. Ford, "The Consequences of Prehending the Consequent Nature"
Jason Brown: "Foundations of Cognitive Metaphysics"
FOCUS (edited by Jorge Nobo): Tribute to Lewis S. Ford
Jorge Luis Nobo, "Introduction"
George L. Lucas, Jr., "Lewis S. Ford: A Life in Process"
Robert C. Neville, "Lewis S. Ford's Theology: A Critical Appreciation"
John B. Cobb, Jr., "Re-Reading Science and the Modern World"
Jorge Luis Nobo, "The Approach to Whitehead: Traditional, Genetic, Systematic?"
George Allan, "God as Future: On Not Taking Time Seriously"

PS 26.3-4 (1997): June 1998
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Jorge Nobo, "Experience, Eternity, and Primordality: Steps Toward a Metaphysics of Creative Solidarity"
Lewis Ford, "Nobo's Eternal Realities and the Primordial Decision"
Daniel Arnold, "...Thoughts on Neville's Ontological Questions and Comparative Philosophy"
FOCUS (edited by Timothy Eastman): Process Thought and the Natural Sciences I
Tim Eastman, "Process Thought and Natural Science"
C. Papatheodorou and B. Hiley, "Process. Temporality and Space-Time"
D. Finkelstein and W. Kallfelz, "Organism and Physics"
Daniel Athearn, "Whitehead as Natural Philosopher: Anachronism or VIsionsary?"
Lawrence Fagg, "Electromagnetism, Time, and Immanence in Whitehead's Metaphysics"
Joseph Rosen, "Response to Hartshorne Concerning Symmetry and Asymmetry in Physics"

PS 26.1-2 (1997): January 1998
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Daniel Dombrowski, "Process Thought and the Liberalism-Communitarianism Debate..."
Granville Henry and Robert Valenza, "The Preprojective and the Postprojective..."
FORUM: Quine and Whitehead
David Griffin, (forum editor) "Introduction to Forum"
Leemon McHenry, "Quine and Whitehead: Ontology and Methodology"
W.V. Quine, "Response to McHenry"
FOCUS (edited by Rolf Lachmann): Whitehead and Langer
Rolf Lachmann, "Introduction"
Donald Dryden, "Whitehead's Influence on Susanne Langer's Conception of the Living Form"
Randall Auxier, "Susanne Langer on Symbols and Analogy: A Case for Misplaced Concreteness"
Rolf Lachmann, "From Metaphysics to Art and Back: The Relevance of Susanne Langer's Philosophy for Process Metaphysics"
Rolf Lachmann, "Susane Langer's Notes on Whitehead's Course on Philosophy of Nature"

PS 25.1-4 (1996): Tribute to Charles Hartshorne, July 1997
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Charles Hartshorne, "Freedom as Universal"
Charles Hartshorne, "The Meaning of Life"
Daniel Dombrowski, "Hartshorne on Heidegger"
FOCUS (edited by George Shields): Analytic and Process Philosophies
George Shields, "Introduction: On the Interface of Analytic and Process Philosophy"
Nicholas Rescher, "The Promise of Process Philosophy"
Richard Gale, "Disanalogies Between Space and Time"
Leemon McHenry, "Descriptive and Revisionary Theories of Events"
George Lucas, Jr., "The Seventh Seal: On the Fate of Whitehead's Proposed 'Rehabilitation'"

PS 24.1-4 (1995): April 1997
Editor: Barry L. Whitney

John Mullarkey, "Bergson and the Language of Process"
Andrew Kerr, "Ethical Status of the Ecosystem in Whitehead's Philosophy"
Richard Brougham, "Reality and Appearance in Bergson and Whitehead"
Paul Nancarrow, "Realism and Anti-Realism: A Whiteheadian Universal"
FOCUS (edited by Patricia Mazzerella): Panpsychism
Leemon McHenry, "Whitehead's Panpsychism as the Subjectivity of Prehension"
Lewis Ford, "Panpsychism and the Early History of Prehension"
Joseph Early,"Towards a Reapprehension of Causal Efficacy"

PS 23.4 (1994): November 1996
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Franklin I. Gamwell, "Metaphysics and the Rationalization of Society"
Douglas Sturm, "The Idea of Human Rights"
George Allan, "Conservatives, Liberais and the Colonized.."

PS 23.3 (1994): November 1996
Editor: Barry L. Whitney
Daniel Dombrowski, "Mysticism and Divine Immutability"
James Bradley, "Transcendentalism and Speculative Realism in Whitehead"
David Wheeler, "Universal Concerns and Concrete Commitments"

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John Cobb and Barry Whitney (Claremont 2006)

Barry Whitney and David Griffin (Claremont 2005)

Barry and Juliann at the Whitehead Conference in Salzburg, Austria (2006)


Certificates of Recognition for 12 years as Process Studies' Editor: Claremont (2006) from The Center of Process Studies, and The International Whitehead Conference in Salzburg, Austria from the International Process Network (2006)